BreadFruit Electronics, a unit of Prixa Technologies, is a wholesale and a retail ecommerce store providing wide range of electronic products in Nepal. Starting from the specially packed ‘Begin with Electronics’ kit, we distribute the open source prototyping platform tool – Arduino, the handy and efficient computer- Raspberry Pi, various modules, resistors, ICs, motors, sensors and what not!

And in case you are in search of any other electronic stuffs that might be out of stock or not available in our store yet, just buzz us at [email protected] . We will deliver you the goods of your need right at your door step!

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Delivery at your door step


We - the team members and key players - of BreadFruit keep our identity secret. We are happy to be called as the team of innovators craving to fulfill the needs and desires of our customers and continue the madness of sparking innovation.